About Us



Recultured Designs US is a clothing and  accessories line the creates contemporary designs inspired by Polish folklore and history. 

Founded in Farmington Hills, MI  in 2012 by 5th generation Polish-American, Alexandra Lisiecki, Recultured Designs was born out of Lisiecki’s love of her Polish heritage. 

"For a culture to survive we must continue our traditions,” said Lisiecki. “Our company was established  to inspire Polonian’s worldwide to to celebrate what makes Poland most beautiful; it's glorious heritage, culture and traditions.  Recultured Designs is beauty and tradition meeting the modern world.”

What makes Recultured Designs so unique? EVERY SINGLE PIECE is personally designed and created by Lisiecki. The fabrics she uses are authentic folk fabrics from Nowy Targ, Poland. 


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