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Recultured Designs US is a clothing, accessories, art and home goods line the creates contemporary designs inspired by Polish folklore and history. 

Founded in Farmington Hills, MI  in 2012 by 5th generation Polish-American, Alexandra Lisiecki, Recultured Designs was born out of Lisiecki’s love of her Polish heritage. 

"For a culture to survive we must continue our traditions,” said Lisiecki. “Our company was established  to inspire Polonian’s worldwide to to celebrate what makes Poland most beautiful; it's glorious heritage, culture and traditions.  Recultured Designs is beauty and tradition meeting the modern world.”

In 2014, Lisiecki relocated to Warsaw, Poland and formed a second company Recultured Designs SC with long-time friend and Lublin folk artist Malgorzata Welc. 

What makes Recultured Designs so unique? EVERY SINGLE PIECE is personally designed and created by Lisiecki and Welc of high quality, Polish-made materials.

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