About Us

Rethink Tradition

Recultured Designs is an apparel and accessories line that creates contemporary designs inspired by Slavic folklore. Founded in 2012 by Detroit-native, Alexandra Lisiecki, Recultured Designs was born out of Lisiecki's love of her Polish heritage. 

From an early age, Lisiecki was fascinated with Slavic history and traditions. Attending a small private Ukrainian school exposed her to Ukrainian language and culture. She grew up in a Polish-American home and spent her summers visiting family in Lublin and the small mountain town of Makow Podhalanski, Poland.

It is on one of those summer trips, while attending the annual Week of Beskid Culture summer festival in Makow, Lisiecki first became enamoured with regional folk attire. Between the pulsating polka dance and the swirling colourful skirt fabrics representing various regions of Eastern Europe, the desire to preserve and celebrate her roots became firmly established in Lisiecki’s heart.

After completing B.A. degrees in Slavic Studies and PR (W.S.U), and M.A. in Transatlantic Studies (Jagiellonian University), she combined her practical knowledge with her passion, and the rest is history. Not only does Lisiecki design every apparel and accessory, but is involved with all aspects of the business from managing production and the online store, to photography, marketing and public relations. She makes bi-annual trips to Poland to source folk fabrics and to collaborate with local folk artists from Poland and Ukraine on one-of-a-kind embroidery designs. 

Lisiecki has given traditional folk costumes modern wearability, while preserving the authenticity of the traditional folk motif and classic elegance of feminine design.

Recultured Designs has a new West Coast home in San Francisco, CA.