"Royal Thursday" Peacock Porcelain Mug
"Royal Thursday" Peacock Porcelain Mug

"Royal Thursday" Peacock Porcelain Mug


This peacock feather mug is made of high-quality white Polish porcelain and hand-painted  by artist Malgorzata Welc of Warsaw, Poland. 

Height: 3.9 inch/ 10 cm
Diameter: 3.3 inches/ 8.5 cm  

Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe /Gentle hand wash. (Clean the surface by hand with a soft sponge. Do not use abrasive or aggressive materials.)

*1 Cup Per Order

**Being that this mug is hand painted each one slightly differs from the next

The "Royal Thursday" Collection is inspired by the Polish King Stanisław II August, the last King and Grand Duke of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth (1764–95). He was a patron of the arts and learning, and it was during his reign that Poland's Age of Enlightenment or the Golden Age began (in the 1730s–40s) and reached its peak.

King Stan's "Thursday Dinners" (Polish: obiady czwartkowe) were famous throughout Europe. They were meetings of artists, intellectuals, architects, politicians and statesmen which typically lasted three hours and resembled French salons. The King dined with his guests and discussed literature, art and politics. The dinners were held first in the Royal Castle in Warsaw and later in the Water Palace (Łazienki Palace), here to the delight of the guests, beautiful peacocks roamed the gardens.