Porcelain Red Poppy Bowl

Porcelain Red Poppy Bowl


This hand painted bowl design was created by artist Malgorzata Welc of Warsaw. It is made from beautiful high-quality white porcelain from Poland. 

The design features red poppies. The poppy is a beloved flower of Poles and became linked with Poland after a famous song entitled - "Red poppies at Monte Cassino" was written.

During World War II, a famous battle, actually a costly series of battles took place at Monte Cassino, Italy (also known as a Battle for Rome). It was fought by the allied forces with an intention of breaking through the German defense line and seizing Rome.  From May 11-May 19, 1944, under the command of General Anders, about forty thousand Polish soldiers from 2nd Polish Corps took part in the decisive and final part of the battle. Polish attack contributed to a final victory greatly, Poles were also the first who were able to reach the top of the hill and put Polish flag there. 

Since the mountain was full of beautiful red poppies when the battle took place, in May 1944, a song entitled -" Red Poppies on Monte Cassino" was written almost immediately afterwards.

Height:  7 cm
Diameter: 2.75"/ 12 cm

Food safe 
Hand washing recommended

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